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Coastplans is a locally-owned consulting firm offering a range of comprehensive city and regional planning services.  We prepare coastal plans, general plans, housing elements, redevelopment implementation plans, regional transportation plans, environmental reports, and grant applications.  


Coastplans is a small firm located in Santa Cruz that is well suited to serve Central California and the Central Coast Region.  Our small size keeps overhead low and allows flexibility in handling large and small projects alike.  For large projects, Coastplans is able to quickly assemble teams of experts closely tailored to meet a client’s needs, or it can step in and manage pre-selected teams as a staff function.  For small projects, Coastplans offers hands-on management that keeps your project on the front burner and in the hands of senior level staff. 

Please browse our website for information about the firm, and feel free to make use of the numerous resource links to obtain substantive planning information.  Contact us if you need additional information or want to discuss a proposal.


Martin Carver, AICP



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